Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition, they somehow already know what you truly want to become. - Steve Jobs

Hello !

I’m Anna Chen, I’m a certified life coach, a passionate writer and a free spirit. I want to empower women to listen to their true voice and express the fire that burns within to help them be fearlessly authentic and live a passionate life. I work with bright and creative minds who are ready to bravely start their life over by going through a deep transformative inner-work. 


I believe

Doing what you love, following your heart and your intuition will guide you to who you truly are and will guide you to create a life you love. Finding a job that fits you, being in the right relationship and creating a life you love are an expression of your true and authentic self.
I believe that when we all pursue our life purpose and our passion, the world will be a better and harmonious place. We all have our special gift to bring to the world.

My big « aha » moment came when I realized that

My story, my personality, my choices, my struggles, my purpose, my passion, strength, my dreams, everything that made me who I am and led me where I am: are all INTERCONNECTED. Everything makes sense. Since then I’ve been so grateful for everything I’ve been through. The key to my happiness lies within me. I am where I am supposed to be. And you are where you are supposed to be too!

Does it sound like you ?

- You want to change but you don’t know what you want to do.
- You are too scared to change your life/your job.
- You don't know your purpose/passion/dreams.
- You are not aligned with who you truly are.
- You are experiencing life/job/relationships that are no longer satisfying.

My mission

My mission is to help you:

  • Connect to the true you,
  • Find your passions, your purpose, your strength,
  • Change your life from the inside out,
  • Create a deep, rich and meaningful life that you love.

I am so passionate about helping and inspiring others on the path of happiness. It feeds my soul. It is my purpose. It lights me up to see people standing up courageously to change their life despite the circumstances, raising their voice against all odds and shining brighter. My coaching is all about changing our lives from the inside-out, standing up and taking responsibility for our world and creating a full-hearted new life.

A bit more about me

I was born in France in a Chinese family. My family were pressuring me to follow their own paths. I knew it wasn’t a life for me. It was screaming inside me there had to be another way. I was different; a dreamer and a free spirit because of my French education. I was seeking big dreams, tremendous success, love and passion. My heart was split between obeying my family and choosing the life I wanted. 

After suffering from a deep depressive state, one day I’ve decided to leave my family to build my life: I went to university, I chose the man I love and I built my career. I wanted to prove to my family and myself that I could be independent and happy on my own terms. But actually, I was unhappy. 

I worked for 6 years in a meaningless job, until a major health challenge made me conscious that something was wrong. I felt that the stress was affecting my body. I couldn’t continue doing that to myself. I knew I had to cure the disease, but above all, treat the cause by changing my career. I wanted to make my passion my job. I didn’t know what my passion was and what makes my heart tick. I actually realized that I didn’t know who I was. After spending my whole life, trying to fit in, proving myself to others and being scared of criticism, I lost my identity.

With the help of a life coach, I took a deep dive into myself. In a few months I took take a big leap of change. I changed from being a lost soul to being bright, spirited, purposeful and passionate. Not only had I found my passion, my strength, my personality and my life purpose, but I also discovered my treasure: myself, my true and authentic self. For the first time in my life, I feel aligned. I've found peace within. 

I’ve learned so much along the way

  • Trusting my intuition, my heart and my insight
  • Being courageous, strong and resourceful
  • Being authentic and vulnerable 
  • Following my passion and my dreams
  • Finding clarity and a peaceful mind

Few more Random Things

+ I’m ENFP in MBTI (discover your personality)
+ I make ceramics, love the wheel throwing technique. Seeing the object formed from of a piece of mud, is magical - I can watch hours of these kinds of videos.
+ I was lucky to find a gem on the difficult real estate in Paris. Now I can enjoy the stunning view of the Eiffel Tower every day!
+ My cat looks like Garfield’s girl friend!
+ In the world of right handed people, I’m proud and happily left handed.
+ Citizen of the world : I speak French, English, Wenzhounese and a bit of Mandarin, Spanish, Korean and Russian.
+ I’m discovering my artistic side that I ignored for 30 years. I love photography, flowers, scandinavian interior design and so much more… Check out my pinterest

When I’m not coaching or writing, you can find me wandering in the streets of Paris, curious to discover new stores that open or old ones that didn’t catch my eye before.

I must warn you

When you get to meet me, you will want to change your life from inside out and from every aspect, sooner rather than later you will end up loving every bit of your life. Be prepared to change your life before connecting with me :)

Welcome, I’m so glad that you are here.


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