Life coaching

+ You are stuck in your dreadful job. Monday mornings are nightmares. Deep in your soul you know that the 9-5 lifestyle is not fulfilling you.

+ You want to change your job but you don't know how to do it. You are scared to lose your financial security. Ideally, you want a job that could be a job that you love and that pays the bills. But it seems so impossible. 

+ You want to do something that you love, something really meaningful. You want a job where you would feel valued, where you can be creative, where you can contribute, do your best and ultimately a job that is aligned with who you truly are. You have this fire burning within you that needs to be expressed. 

You have an idea of what you want to do but you are so scared to transition to your dream job. You don't know if your dream job will ever pay your bills. 

+ You are so frustrated and so lost that it is impacting many aspects of your life: your relationship, your work life balance, your hobbies... It's not you, not who you want to be. You are different. You are yearning to be true, to be yourself and to be where you are supposed to be. 

There has to be another way. There’s so much more in life. You want more. A life by your own design. PASSION. FREEDOM. PURPOSE. Sounds amazing ?! It's possible.  

It’s time to have the courage look within and find out what your heart and your intuition tells you. It's time to change yourself to change your life. But how? What to do? What can fit you?


I change my life today


Let me tell you from my experience

I was exactly in the same situation in August 2014. I was an IT security consultant but dreaming to become a life coach. It seemed sooooo impossible! But I did it. I'm not Superwoman.

  • August 2014: I challenged myself « Within one year, I want to quit my current job. I want to have a clear view of what I want to do. »
  • September 2014: I hired a life coach and I do the Bilan de competence (french career consulting) at the same time.
  • December 2014: I found my life purpose:
    • Enjoy my life with love, passion and meaning. Always stay independent, strong and true to myself, Inspire and touch people to help them grow and lift their lives up.
  • January 2015: I enrolled in my coaching program
  • March 2015: I told [my company] that I wanted to quit
  • May 2015: I quit my job. The beginning of my new life. 

Changing your job is only the first step to your ideal life. It might be your biggest struggle now. But by working on that you are opening doors to a brand new life: a life where you give space to doing what you love, to listen to your heart and allow yourself to be who you truly are. Your whole life will be positively changed.

Are you ready to design your life?

Let’s imagine together what your life could feel in few months working together :

You wake up every morning with a huge smile, feeling free, bright, vibrant and energized. You can’t wait to start your day. 

You are so fueled with passion and energy. You do creative and soulful work that is brought by your strength and your best asset. You don’t have enough time to do everything you want. 

You share uplifting and supportive relationships with like-minded people who inspire you to be the best version of yourself. They empower you and value so much of what you do.  

People are thanking you for everything you do for just being who you are.  Finally, life is so meaningful to you. You are contributing and helping. It is so natural to you. 

You can’t stop telling everyone how beautiful and exciting life is. You are so grateful and thankful for everything happening to you 

How amazing to be where you are and that moment! You are blossoming. 

You are totally in love with your life <3


It's your life.

Make it happen. Follow your heart. Change your life.




My coaching will help you to

  • Follow your heart, intuition,
    • Gain clarity and open your perspective,
    • Move beyond your blocks and limiting beliefs,
    • Strengths, values, ideal life, biggest dream, message to the world,
  • (Re)Connect with your whole, beautiful and complete self,
    • Find your life purpose, your calling,
  • Empower you to take action to create the life you love,
    • Create detailed action plans,
    • Hold you accountable and follow your progress. 

As your coach, I will:

  • Listen intuitively,
  • Help you envision your best self,
  • Stretch and challenge you,
  • Authentically share my insight, my experience and my high energy,
  • Believe in you more than you believe in yourself, 
  • Laugh, cry and celebrate with you,
  • Support you to shine brighter than ever.

Who do I work with?

I want to empower women to listen to their true voice and express the fire that burns within to help them be fearlessly authentic and live a passionate life. I work with bright and creative minds who are ready to bravely start their life over by going through a deep transformative inner-work.

Here’s what you get

Do what you love package

  • Welcome pack - Get to know you,  to be clear on where you are, what’s holding you back, where you want to go
  • 5 x 75 minutes over 4 months coaching calls (90% coaching 10% mentoring) over skype
    • During mentoring, I share with you my experience, the mind and life principles to help you shift your life.
  • Email support in-between sessions (ask important questions, accountability, stay in action, moving towards your goals )
  • Exercise in-between sessions. Only fun stuff!
  • Useful materials (books, blog, mantra,...)
  • Sessions via Skype, phone or in person in Paris ( 3 cité de la roquette, 75011 Paris )

Your investment : 625 euros 


Single session

  • A 75 minutes coaching call (90% coaching 10% mentoring) over skype
    • ​During mentoring, I share with you my experience, the mindset and life principles to help you shift your life.
  • Exercise in-between sessions. Only fun stuff!
  • Useful materials (books, blog, mantra,...)
  • Sessions via Skype, phone or in person in Paris ( 3 cité de la roquette, 75011 Paris )

Your investment : 125euros per session


Don't hesitate to contact me to talk about your ideal life. Let’s transform your life from the inside out!